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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Congcong’s world! I am your tour guide today. In this little utopian world, you will experience and see Congcong’s many inner worlds with their different personas and emotions, you will explore her culture - which is specifically about Chinese mythology - and you will be able also to meet Congcong in the real world. Although it looks as though you are discovering her world, this is in fact a way to explore yourselves, your own identities and worlds. In this short journey, you may encounter emotional resonances or discover different imagined worlds.

First of all, we arrive at the world that is named after her -“Cong”, and here you can straightforwardly see her various internal monologues with different emotions that are common to us all, for example hesitancy, struggles and contemplation. In these little fairytale worlds, you can also imagine your own stories. As we are keeping walking inside the installation, the mythological world we see before us represents Congcong’s background and culture. Those characters and figures are from Chinese mythology, with some of them in the same stories. They represent Congcong’s wishes for herself, so some characters possess good qualities such as unconstraint, being brave and not caring too much about other people’s words. Some of the figures can also relate to characters in Greek and Roman mythology, for example, in the work ‘Lei Zhen Zi’. This is a figure similar to Mars, the God of War in Roman mythology. I hope this work can help you to encounter Chinese mythology with a new understanding, and to see some inter-relationships and interactions between cultures. Follow me and we are near the end of the journey - here these watercolour paintings show the real world in which we all live, we can glimpse a part of Congcong’s life through the paintings and it is time to go back to reality.

However, before we go back to the real world, let’s walk into the centre and sit or stand there with a quiet mind and an open heart: really think and discover yourself, as this journey may open up such as your memories and particular experiences. Pause there for as long as you like and, when you are ready, take that feeling with you as you prepare to return to daily life.

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